Choosing a Migration Agent

Your friends' advice may be good in some areas of life but when it comes to immigration, consider that Migration law is one of the more changeable and complex areas of Australian law. Within just a few hours the Migration Act and Regulations can change to exclude someone who may have been previously eligible for the desired visa. Each individual has a different set of circumstances, background and intentions, so what may have worked for a friend will not necessarily work for you.

More information on the benefits of using a registered migration can be found here.

How to choose a migration agent

When considering selecting a migration agent, it is important to review the following:

  • Is the agent registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority?
  • How many years’ experience has the agent had dealing with your particular situation?
  • An agent cannot guarantee your visa outcome but must be sufficiently capable of dealing with your particular visa requirements.
  • The agent must give a clear indication of the time it will take to prepare and finalise your matter.
  • The agent must provide you with fixed professional fees to complete all work associated with your matter.
  • An agent must sign an agreement with you outlining their professional obligations and fees before commencing work on your matter.

For extra assurance, speak with people who have used the migration agent you are considering using, alternatively you may be able to view the migration agent's Testimonials page.

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